Major cricket stadiums

Karachi Stadium
Name: Karachi National Stadium
City: Karachi
Capacity: 34,288
One Day Matches Played: 32
Test Matches Played: 40
Multan Stadium
Name: Multan Cricket Stadium
City: Multan
One Days Played: 5
Test Matches Played: 5
Gaddafi Stadium
Name : Gaddafi Stadium
City: Lahore
Capacity: 60,000
One Days Played: 52
Test Matches Played: 39

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Iqbal Stadium
Name: Iqbal Stadium
City : Faisalabad
Capacity: 25,000
One Day Matches Played: 14
Test Matches Played: 24
Rawalpindi Stadium
Name: Rawalpindi Stadium
City: Rawalpindi
One Day Matches Played: 21
Test Matches Played: 8

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