Pakistani Cricket, a passion of all Pakistanis

Cricket is an exciting and an interesting sport. It is a passion shared by all Pakistanis, whether young or old. Cricket
is a Pakistani's jazba-e-junoon or in English, passion. For this reason we have brought to you this section to,
as a Pakistani site can not be a site without cricket in it.

People in the world are recognized by what their countries are famous for and what they do, while in Pakistan's case , it is cricket
(Pakistan is known for a number of other reasons as well), and this section was over due for this web site , but now it has finally been launched.

In Pakistan cricket has gone through different stages as time has passed and different forms of cricket have emerged as well such as, tape ball cricket
or also known as gulli cricket (in Pakistan) or street cricket. This new concept of cricket is quite good, and many Pakistani cricket legends have been discovered
through this form of cricket. Tape ball cricket has taken Pakistan by storm and now there are tape ball cricket tournaments held in the country.
This section contains Pakistani player profiles, and statistics of some of the major stadiums in Pakistan.

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