The Taliban Threat

This is a public service announcement for the Pakistani citizens. We have to defend our country from the Taliban. They are out to destroy us, and our way of life. The news reports may not be true or may be overhyped, but that does not mean that we have to ignore this threat from the west. This is the fight for our survival. We have to show that we are not going to take this lying down. All those people who think that the Taliban are Muslims, then please wake up and start to see what damage they are doing. Which religion says that killing innocent people is ok, which religion says that extremism is the only way to go. Infact Allah has Himself told us to take the moderate path and not to be extremist in any way.

Pakistan needs you! This is especially for Pakistani students out there, continue your education and strive in it, defeat them at what you are best at and they are weak at. We have education at our side. We can differentiate from good and bad. You are our future and you have to defend Pakistan. Give all your best in what ever you do and make Pakistan proud. Pakistan Zindabad!
We will survive.

Mustafa Neguib
(Founder of MN Tech Solutions and

Written on 8th April 2009, 8:29 pm (Pakistan Standard Time)

Our brand new software house coming soon to

Users we are proud to announce that we will be launching our brand new software house, "MN Tech Solutions" in the near future. Please watch this space for updates regarding the development of the company. MN Tech Solutions will deal in software development and as well as web development, and we will provide customised solutions to our users meeting their technological needs. We also have won and successfully completed our first project.

Divine Periodicity: Periodicity In Islam is the first of our projects. We are also working on a content management system which will allow users who do not even know how to make a website will be able to do so with our software. It will be customisable meeting the user's needs. The system will be built on PHP and MYSQL databse. We will also provide assistance and after sales services for the software. The software is currently under development and the launch date will be announced later on.

Written on 25th July 2008, 4:03 am (Pakistan Standard Time)

Troubling Times In Pakistan

I on the behalf of the would like to urge all the citizens of Pakistan or anyone else (including foreigners) residing in our great country to keep them selves safe, and not to leave their homes unnecessarily. No one is safe from the terrorists who are determined to destroy Pakistan and create chaos in our beautiful country.

They have been attacking sites that no one would have thought of and have now even attacked the residential areas (Model Town attack in Lahore). I also urge all institutions (educational, offices, governmental, etc…) to implement tight security around their premises and to report any suspicious activity to the relevant authorities. I urge once again to keep your selves again because we do not know where the terrorists might hit next.
This was a public service message by

Written on 15th March 2008, 11:38 pm (Pakistan Standard Time)

Our new internal site advertising

We have introduced an inter site advertising campaign where we will advertise parts of this site on the pages of this site. As a result we have removed the external ads that we had on our pages, and have replaced them with ads of the picture gallery, the blog and the pakistan section. We will be adding more ads in the near future.

Written on 2nd March 2008, 1:48 pm (Pakistan Standard Time)

Our Brand New Logo

We are pleased to announce the launching of our brand new logo. This is our new image for the year 2008. This new logo is our design team's best work so far and we hope that they make better designs in the future as well.

The map in the logo is of Pakistan, and we have made it to look like Pakistan's flag by adding the crescent and the star and giving it the colors of green and white. This particular logo breathes new life in what we set out to do, i.e. to improve the image of Pakistan through the internet.'s logo

Written on 16th January 2008, 8:48 am (Pakistan Standard Time)
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New pictures added to our collection

Users we have added 30 new pictures to our collection bringing the total to 163 pictures. The new pictures are in the "Pictures of Lahore" section.

Written on 14th January 2008, 12:41 am (Pakistan Standard Time)

Site Update: Forum Removed

Users we have removed the forum, after not recieving the required number of traffic to the forum. I know we said that the forum is here to stay, but it is not feasible and not worth the time and resources to have a forum on this site, because is a website which is bascially a content driven site and not a forum driven site. This step has been taken to improve the site's quality. Regards,
Mustafa Neguib

Written on 10th January 2008, 11:31 am (Pakistan Standard Time)

Blasts in Lahore

There has been a suicide attack in Lahore today. Uptill now 22 people have died, and 60 have been wounded, most of them being police officers. This attack took place at the Lahore High Court on Mall. There was supposed to be an anti-government protest. More details of the attack will arrive shortly.

Written on 10th January 2008, 3:41 pm (Pakistan Standard Time)

New Pictures Added

We have added 18 new pictures to our picture gallery bringing the total of collection to 133. The new pictures are in the "Pictures of Lahore" section.

Written on 7th January 2008, 2:23 pm (Pakistan Standard Time)

Join our brand new facebook group

Users we have started a new group on the website Facebook. If you have an account on facebook then you can join the group as the entrance to the group is open to all. Hope to see you all there.
Join now.
Regards, Mustafa Neguib
(Founder and Designer of Group of Websites)

Written on 7th January 2008, 9:04 am (Pakistan Standard Time)
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Renaming of the Liberty Chowk in Lahore

The Liberty Chowk which is near the Liberty market in Lahore has been renamed as Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Chowk after the slain opposition leader. I say what good did Benazir ever do for Pakistan that she recieves this honour of a famous chowk (roundabout) being named after her. It is a proven fact that she had looted the country during both her tenures as the prime minister to fill her and her political allie's pockets. I refer to the article published in the Dawn Newspaper in the Metropolitan section on page 17 issued on 2nd January 2008 titled, "Liberty Chowk named after Benazir Bhutto".

I protest that the chowk be renamed to Liberty Chowk as Benazir has no right to recieve this honour. This renaming is just forgiving her of the past sins that she has committed against the people of Pakistan and just because she died just before the ellections and on her rally, doesnt mean that she can be forgiven for all the wrong that she has done. Alas our nation has gone blind to the truth and the facts and we have no leader who is honest and patriotic.

We have no choice but to elect low lives who only think about themselves and not about the people of Pakistan. I, Mustafa Neguib on the behalf of write this protest post to show that not everyone approves of this act and that the former name be given back to the round about.

Written on 2nd January 2008, 10:00 am (Pakistan Standard Time)

Happy new year to all our visitors!!!!

we at wish all our user a very happy new year. We hope that this new year brings happiness and prosperity to our beloved country Pakistan, and that she pulls out of all the problems that she experienced in the year 2007.

Written on 1st January 2008, 12:00 am (Pakistan Standard Time)

Who's telling the truth ?

PPP's chairman's (Benazir Bhutto) death has lead to a number of controversial theories of how she died and each is given by a different group of people. The government claims that she died due to a head injury when her head hit the sunscreen lever when she ducked after the bullets had been fired and the bomb had exploded. They also claim that she didn't die due to bullet or shrapnel wounds. While the other party, who was with Benazir in the car at the time of the attack claims that they saw the bullet wounds on the slain leader. Sherry Rehman claims to have seen the bullet wound on Benazir's head while she was giving her the bath before burial. She saw the bullet had gone through her head from back to the front. Sherry Rehman was in the car with Benazir at the time of the attack.

Also the assassin's picture has come out to the public which has been taken by an amateur photographer. In it the assassin is shown to wear dark shades, and a jacket and pointing the gun at Benazir. This clearly shows the lack of security provided to the leader by the government.

Now the question that comes up is, why would the government want to tell a different story of how she died, and why do they insist on Alqaeda's involvement in this, when Maulana Masud the leaded of Alqaeda is constantly denying his role in the attack. This question leads to one conclusion that the government has something to do with the attack. Also why did they not provide her with enough security when Benazir in her life had asked for more and had claimed she knew that she would be assassinated and that she knew who would do it. Also why were the supporters allowed to come so close to her vehicle.

It is all confusing and we shall never know what really happened of how she died? All we can do is wait for the second postmortem if it ever happens, as PPP (or the government) has offered to exhume the body. I just hope that truth comes out as soon as possible and the mastermind behind the killing is caught.

Written on 31st December 2007, 11:08 am (Pakistan Standard Time)

Benazir Assasinated: Pakistan in turmoil

Benazir Bhutto's assasaination has brought Pakistan into a severe turmoil. With widespread clashes occuringthroughout Pakistan, and damage to private and public property is being made. People are being killed. Also curfew has been established in Hyderabad city and the order has been given to the security forces to shot at sight at the protesters/ miscreants anywhere in the country. The whole of the province of Sind is in utter chaos and destruction not by external forces, but by our own people who have gone mad and destroying everything that is in their path.

This is a very trying time for Pakistanis, as i too am experiencing the effects of all the chaos. However, there is not much of chaos in the area where i live, but there are rumours that on Ghazi road there were protests, which is near Defence Housing Authority and near my residence. I and my family have taken measures of not to leave the house unneccesary, and to stay indoors at all times. I advise all Pakistani citizens to do the same, and not to leave the protection of their homes until thngs settle down.

I will be updating this blog and the forum with the updates of what is happening in Pakistan. Allah protect us and our beloved country of Pakistan.
Regards, Mustafa Neguib
Written on 28th December 2007, 10:33pm (Pakistan Standard Time)

Welcome to our brand new blog

We have started this blog for two reasons. Firstly, we will be posting site updates and what we have in store in for you, and secondly to give our point of view about what is happening in Pakistan. Having recieved enough exposure and experience we feel that it is high time that we literary speak what we have to say. The website is doing it's job extremely well but this blog will provide us a better platform. With this blog we will enter the world of blogging where we will be able to express our views to a diffrent audience. Well this is all for now, we hope that you will like what we have to say.
Mustafa Neguib
Written on 28th December 2007

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