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Brief History of Pakistan

Partition Days

Pakistan was created on the 14th of August 1947. The founder was Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and was helped by a number of prominent Muslims all over India. Some of the men were, Nistar from the Frontier, Qazi Isa and Jogezai from Balochistan, Sir Abdullah Haroon from Sindh, Mamdot, Hyat, and Daultana from the Punjab, Liaqat Ali khan and the Rajah of Mahmudabad from the United Provinces, Nizamuddin, Suhrawardy and Ispahani from Bengal, and Bahadur Yar Jung from Hyderabad, Allama Iqbal, Chawdri Rehmat Ali, and many more.

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Quaid -e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah at first backed the idea of one separate India free from the British rule, Muslims and Hindus living together and side by side. However, his views changed when the Hindu Congress party dominated by Hindus were not fair towards the Muslims and seeing this Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah left the Congress Party and joined the All-India Muslim League. He felt that when India would gain independence from the British, the British raj would be replaced by Ram raj, and Muslims would have no voice left and would be defenseless. Then he decided that the only way for Muslims and Hindus to live peacefully was separately as seperate nations, and this idea was first dreamt by Dr. Allama Iqbal. As a result the Pakistan plan emerged and this was declared at Lahore on 23rd March 1940 that Pakistan would be created for the Muslims. This declaration was called the Lahore Resolution or better known as Pakistan movement. Thus the struggle for Pakistan began.

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When the time came for dividing the land between Pakistan and India it was decided that the Muslim majority areas would become Pakistan, and the Hindu majority areas India. The plan for the territories had been made and agreed upon by both parties, but Viceroy Lord Louis Mountbatten teamed up with Jawarlal Nehru and changed the map and gave India the areas which were supposed to go to Pakistan causing millions of people to migrate from Pakistan to India and also from India to Pakistan. Also, Mountbatten and Nehru played foul by making the Kashmiri ruler sign backdated and fake papers, which allowed India to land its forces in Kashmir and take control.

Pakistan had been betrayed repeatedly, and if Quaid would have objected to the new plan, Pakistan wouldn't have been able to materialize, and on top of that, Mountbatten had brought the date of independence forward causing the Muslims many of problems.The Hindus and the British were determined to destroy Pakistan in its early stages. They (the Hindus and the british) even withheld the assets which Pakistan was supposed to get, but Gandhi came to Pakistan's rescue and got those assets released. This was one reason why he was assassinated by the Hindus themselves, as they thought he was being soft towards the Muslims.

Jinnah's main force came from the students of Aligarh University, which was built by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in Aligarh to help the Muslims of India achieve something in their lives.

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When the partition took place millions of lives were lost in the bloody partition as the Muslims migrated from India to Pakistan (not all Muslims migrated to Pakistan from India), and the Hindus migrated to India. Raids were conducted by all the parties in retaliation to the ones which had already occurred. Hundreds of people lost their lives when the trains were sacked and pillaged and all the passengers killed.

Pakistan has fought three wars against India who was determined to destroy Pakistan from the start. Two of the wars were fought for Kashmir in which Pakistan only could reclaim a part of Kashmir, now called Azad Kashmir. But in the third war in 1971 Pakistan lost its land, East Pakistan, now called Bangladesh. Bangladesh gained its independence from Pakistan with India's help.

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