Pictures of Karachi

A view from The Forum Towers
The Point shopping mall Creek Club
A shopping area Seaview beach at night
The moon and the planet Venus coming together to form the Pakistan national flag Edhi charity organization office

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Seaview beach Seaview beach
The Point Shopping mall Children Playing with eachother
Seaview Apartments A flower bracelet seller
Seaview beach Children riding in a pickup van
Passengers riding on top of a bus (on the roof), a common sight in Karachi. A shop in Phase 2 Defence Housing Authority in Karachi
A road scene in Karachi Dou talwar (two swords ) round about

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Sea view beach at night The Point shopping center in Karachi
Teen talwar (three swords ) round about in Karachi Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad ali Jinnah's tomb in Karachi

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