Official Website of tagAR Launched!!!

We are proud to announce to you that MN Tech Solutions (our partner company) has launched an official website dedicated solely for tagAR. You find all the updates about tagAR from there.

tagAR Launched!!!

We are proud to announce to you a new application developed by MN Tech Solutions (our partner company). This is their first Android project and we hope that it is a successful one.

What is tagAR?

tagAR is an augmented reality tagging application developed for the Android Operating System (at the moment). To make things better, we have decided to release this app as an Open Source app under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3. tagAR allows you to tag locations in real time and at the same time see tags posted by other users. This app encourages social networking between users from all walks of life. They can tag their favorite locations and post a comment about the location. Then anyone near that tag can see it in the screen of their mobile device.

How can you get it?

You can download the app from Google Play for free.

Want to help us further develop it? But how?

We need help from you the user, in order to be able to make this application even more better. This was the reason why we decided to release this application as an Open Source Application under the GNU GPL Version 3 Licence. You can get the source code from Fork us today on github, and do not forget to return us the improvements that you have made in the code, so that we can incorporate them into the application as allowed by the GNU GPL.

Download tagAR

Something to do to protect ourselves against if the SOPA and/or PIPA get passed

To all Linux users: To protect yourself against the event if SOPA and/or PIPA get passed and you use loose access to your favorite websites, you should be able to access them if the servers of the websites are still live via their IP-Addresses. We have built a program which gets the IP-Addresses of the domain names that have been saved in an input file and then gets the IP-Addresses and writes them back to another file.

We have uploaded the app on git and you may use it and change it as i have released it as open source software. Also add new domain names which you know to the input file.

Download the project files from the following link: Get IP Addresses From-Domain Names

We do not support SOPA Bill and PIPA Bill

You may have heard of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) Bill and the Protect Intellectual Property Act Bill (PIPA -the sister bill of SOPA) that the American Congress is trying to get passed. What the passing of this bill will mean is that Internet will be censored, and websites will basically be shut down just because some person wanted to protect his copyrighted content. We are against piracy, and we are against copyright infringement, but this bill will be the destruction of the Internet. Websites which provide information to us may get closed down just because the original author/producer/creater does not want to share his work with others for the benefit of others.

Websites such as this, may be closed down due to one reason or the other, and also websites like facebook, youtube are not safe either. Sign the petition given in the following website, American Censorship
The black censored band and the red and white hand that you see on the homepage header are protest by us against this bill. The code for the band is given on the webpage given above. The red and white band is the support of the declaration of protest by our hosting company against SOPA and PIPA. Stop SOPA, PIPA and the American government from destorying the Internet. Do your part.

Happy Independence Day!!!!

We would like to wish all our Pakistani users a very happy indepence day. May our beloved country Pakistan remain independent for many more years, and may Allah give us courage and strength to help save our country from destruction and to bring back the prosperity back to this country.

Our People Need Help, Do Your Part!!!

The flood in Pakistan has caused serious devastation and loss to life and assets. Millions have been displaced from their homes, and have nothing left except for the clothes on their backs. These people need help in any way that you can, be it monetory or by sending relief goods, and with the month of Ramadhan in full swing the victims of the floods need food and shelter so that they can survive and perform their religious obligations. Following are the links to websites of organizations to whom you can donate:

Free Airlift of Relief Goods through PIA Domestic & International Network
Islamic Relief Country Flood Relief Appeal
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Flood Relief 2010
unicef United States Fund

If you do not have any resources to help the people, please at least pass on the message to others who can help.

Are you ready to do your part????

Save Pakistan, our beloved country. Pakistan needs us !!!

RISE my Pakistani brothers and sisters, RISE RISE and take the reigns of this country and take control of our country and change the future. It is our time to RISE we have to do something. We can not see our country destroy infront of our eyes. We have to bring back Quaid-e-Azam's Pakistan, what he intended....RISE RISE.........

This noble duty has fallen on to our shoulders. If we do not do anything now, then i am afraid that we will not have a place to call home. Pakistan needs us now, we have to save her from destruction. RISE Pakistanis, we are under attack and are in a state of war. Innocent people are dying everyday, do what ever that you can in your power to help this country of ours to survive. We have to do something. If we do not do anything, no one will.

Aim of setting up this website

The main aim of setting up this website was to educate the world of what Pakistan is. This website is here to show that terrorism does not know nationality, race, and religion. We have taken this fight to prove to the world that we Pakistanis are peace loving people and we condemn the acts of the terrorists. We are not terrorists.

Since late 2005, has been in this battle to educate the world, and has successfully been moving towards this never ending goal. The reason why we describe this as a never ending goal is because the forces who seek to destabilize Pakistan will not rest until they achieve their goals. We, the Pakistanis, are the force that has to counter their efforts to malign and defame our country. It is upon us to save Pakistan.

We at believe that we just can not depend on others to save us. We have to save ourselves from destruction. As always will remain in this struggle to help bring Pakistan out of the dark age that it is currently in.

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