worldofpakistan was founded on Friday 18th November 2005 as a website to provide information about Pakistan, and to portray a picture of Pakistan which is rarely shown to the rest of the world.

After being live for almost a decade, we are still dedicated to that mission, to help improve the image of Pakistan, but we have realized that that alone is not enough. We will be showing a different picture of Pakistan, but the country will remain a mess, corruption will be high, there will be no accountability, no rule of law will exist.

By just showing a few pictures or writing articles will only help Pakistan so much, but what we have to do is be active in the country's running and try to raise a voice about the wrong, and try our best to fix it.

What we at worldofpakistan intend to do now is to raise awareness, ask questions, basically scrutinize every move of every single member of the Pakistani government and opposition. We will analyze events, what people have said, what we think they want to say. We will also try to get the answers to these questions as well. Since Pakistan is a democracy we the government, opposition, are all accountable to us. We the people have the real power and we will use this power to get our rights, and to be the voice of an average Pakistani. Basically worldofpakistan has evolved into a scrutinizing cell.

We will be posting articles in our blog which will tackle all these issues which concern us as a nation and our country. Do note we are not affiliated with any political party, so we will scrutinize and grill every single political party in Pakistan if God Wills. It is time to do some thing actively and to take part in building our nation and country.